HOG CCNS ‘State of the Union’ II


Hello all,

It seems like it’s been months since the last SOTU was posted. Wait! It has been months, 3 in fact!

With the great work of our Federal and Provincial leadership and medical leaders, front-line medical workers and people like you following their suggestions and guidelines we have made great strides as a Province (and Country) to controlling (as much as that’s possible) the COVID-19 virus. 

While COVID-19 is still with us we are at a point that many of the restrictions regarding group gatherings, businesses opening and border crossings, etc. are being eased and lifted. That’s great news for motorcyclists and it opens up the opportunity for our HOG CCNS group to do what it does best! Organize group rides and events.

We will obviously be adhering to Federal and Provincial guidelines and will do what we can to promote the safety of our membership. Please respect all of our members as we each have different tolerances of risk and personal safety. No one is wrong with how they feel about gathering in groups or in public spaces, etc.

Our first ride of the season will take place this Sunday, July 5th and the Road Captains Ride Plans have been update with the latest available information.

Stay tuned for updates and Happy Riding!

Your HOG CCNS Executive