HOG CCNS ‘State of the Union’

After our last Executive Meeting video conference this past weekend (Saturday, April 4th) we have the following updates for HOG events:

In a nutshell ALL HOG CCNS events for the next three months (April, May & June) have been CANCELLED. This includes all Sunday rides, roadside cleanup, advanced motorcycle training, brunches, chilli cook off, weekly meetings, etc.

Additionally the Cabot Trail weekend ride event has been cancelled. If you had made your motel reservations already don’t forget to cancel them.

While the annual Blessing of the Bikes event hasn’t officially been cancelled (yet) we will not be attending it as a HOG group and strongly urge you to not attend due to the risks involved with so many riders in such close proximity.

How long this pandemic lasts and the impact it will have on this years ‘ride season’ is yet to be determined but it could be months. The HOG CCNS Executive will continue our video conferencing meetings and adjust the schedule/calendars as required. And obviously we will keep everyone up to date on the latest decisions.

In the meantime, as we all anxiously await a resolution to this COVID-19 virus please heed the advice of Dr. Strang and observe the recommendations around social distancing, proper hand washing and disinfection procedures, taking the necessary precautions for when you must leave your home, etc.

Lastly, in the words of Premier MacNeil, “STAY THE BLAZES HOME!”

Your HOG CCNS Executive